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details will be supplied upon request.

Welcome to Quiet Tip Talent.    We need infants, toddlers, children, and people of all nationalities who are ready, able and willing to act, sing, dance, speak, or perform in a movie, voice over, in a commercial professional setting.    We have skilled labor union and non union on staff.    You will be working with some very talented people.    Tell the job seekers.....  


Height: 5’2”  

Recent Works: Angelica 1; Transformers: Revenge/Fallen, Air America Radio WWRL (NY),
SEPTA & Vanguard Commercials; Vagina Monologues

Skills: Technical - Final Cut Pro, Adobe Audition, Nexgen; I-NEWS; CUTE FTP; two-way radios; Athletic - Martial Arts, Basketball, Tennis, Track;
Dance: Hip-Hop, Salsa (also choreography); Instruments: Jazz, Flute;

Languages: French; Other: belch on cue, slips and falls; driving

Ocenia Beckett

Height: 5'2"   Eyes: Dark Brown   Hair: Mixed Gray   Size: 14   Shoe: 6

Recent Works: Itsy Bitsy Entertainment - Sunflower, Comcast commercial, Unisys Pharmaceutical and Ortho McNeill medical industrials and PECO Energy Printwork. 

Special Skills: Shooting hand gun and rifle; standing, sitting and prone.
Custom Jewelry Designer and Computer Technician.


Height: 6'2"   Weight: 155lbs   Eyes: Brown   Hair: Black  Age Range: 18-27  

Recent Works: The Good Wife, Don't Talk to Strangers, Make the Connections,
Eye for and Eye, The Answer.

Special Skills: Speaks French fluently, beginner Salsa, Meringue, Cha Cha & Samba,
Choreographer, Teacher, can raise one eyebrow,

Sports: soccer, basketball, table tennis, weight lifting, football.

Libra R. Bryant

Height: 5'3"   Weight: 103lbs   Eyes: Brown   Hair: Dark Brown  Dress: 3-5   Shoe: 7.5

Recent Works: MIB 2, Stuart Little 2, Sex and the City, various NBA commercials
and the Septa Bus Campaign for Community College.

Special Skills: Medical Terminology, Gymnastics, Singer and Parasailing.


Height: 5'9"   Eyes: Blue   Hair: Salt/Pepper, Short   Weight: 230  
Physique: Athletic
Voice Type: Baritone   Ethnicity: Caucasian, Irish/American   Range: 40-55

Recent Works: State of Play-2009, Lives & Deaths of Poets-2009, You Be The Judge 2009, Trenches, Rosie's Miracle.

Specials Skills: Minor Stunt-work; Extensive Military Background USMC;
Extensive Weapons Training; NRA Certified Shotgun, Blackpowder,
Homesafety & Smallbore Firearms Instructor;

Accents & Languages: Beginning Spanish & Irish- British; Excellent Driver.

Shirley J. Carter

Height: 5'9"   Eyes: Brown   Hair: Black   Dress: 9-10   Shoe: 10

Recent Works: Hack, The Jerry Sadivitch Show, Emmett's Mark,
NBA commercial and numerous voiceovers.

Specials Skills: Singer, Puppetry Artist and Greeting Card Designer.

Lawrence "Prince" Cook Jr.


Height: 6'1"   Eyes: Dark Brown   Hair: Black   Suit: 44L   Shoe: 12

Recent Works: All My Children, Cashmere Mafia and The Decoy.

Plus numerous modeling/print assignments.  Doubles as NFL players.

Special Skills: Cycling, Weight Training and Performance Diving.



Height: 5'2"   Weight: 117lbs   Eyes: Brown   Hair: Brown

Recent Works:  Tails Till The End, Sorority Slaughter, The Last Laugh just to name a few.
Debbie is well known on the independent film,
horror, and fantasy circuit!

Specials Skills: Singing, Music & Poetry Writing, Clothing Design
also Owns Many Costumes. 

Maude Fisher

Height: 5'2"   Eyes: Brown   Hair: Auburn   Dress: 6   Shoe: 5

Recent Works: Bottom Feeders, Bald and In His Wake.

Special Skills: Swimming, Gourmet Cook and Museum Aficionado.

Jon Greene

Height: 6'0"   Weight: 195  Eyes: Brown   Hair: Black   

Recent Works: My Show Is Better Than Your Show, Rules of the Game,
All Grown Up and Shadows.  

Special Skills: Drummer, Computer Technology, and Writer.

Sports: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, and Weightlifting.

Timothy Harper

Height: 5'10"   Eyes: Brown   Hair: Black

Recent Works: Smith Kline Glaxo and The Decoy.

Special Skills: Dance (tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop),

Sports: Skiing, Water Skiing and Basketball.

Christopher Wisniewski (AFTRA)

Height: 5'10"   Weight: 164lbs   Eyes: Blue   Hair: Brown

Recent Works: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Freedomland, Hitch,
American Gangster, The Buzz, World War II Poland V/O, A guest on
WNWR 1540 AM´s Radio Kaleidoscope.

Special Skills: Filmmaking, Videography, and History of Western Civilization.

Sports: Boxing, Wrestling, Tae Kwan Do, and Swimming.

Actor Waiting

Height:    Weight:    Eyes:    Hair:    Born:

Details soon:

Special Skills: ,

Other - ,
Languages: Soon


Height: 4’ 6”   Weight: 66 lbs   Eyes: Brown   Hair: Black   Born: 7/11/98

Recent Works: Fashion Bug Annual Spring Fashion Show,
Gretel €“ Hansel & Gretel, Munchkin €“ The Wiz

Special Skills: Gymnastics - hand stands, cartwheels, back flips, splits, tumbles, forward rolls, backward rolls, straddle rolls, front walkovers and back walkovers,

Dancing - ballet, modern and hip hop,
Language: Spanish, Sign Language.

Best kept secret in the business! Success cannot be achieved without a helping hand...
and Quiet Tip is that hand for you. - Debra Phelps


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