Quiet Tip Talent Qualifications!

Quiet Tip Qualifications: we need to know all about you.
Please include all of the following information.

City, State, Zip
Home phone
Cell phone
Emergency contact phone
Availability: full time, part time, seasonal, evenings or weekends

Elementary Education
Middle and High School
Entertainment Education
School activities pertaining to your interest.
Parent or Guardian Representing children.
Details about your talent or skill.
Details about your hobbies that involve your talent or skill.
If you have a face book page please provide that address.

First Meeting, please bring copies that we may keep
for your file of all of the following that apply:

Copy of the birth certificate.
Copy of the social security card.
Copy of any programs with your name on them.
Proof of Parent or Guardian Representing children.
3 -(Three) Eight by ten (8 x 10) photographs of your self,
     1 full body shot and 2 head shots; If signed it is necessary to keep company stocked in updated resumes and pictures      at least 25; keeping up with practicing; scripts reading and readiness

Singers - 4-(Four) songs in your own voice for us, be prepared to sing the best 16 bars and know your vocal range.
     1 national anthem, 1 slow, 1 fast, and 1 your choice. If signed you will need 2 selections of sheet music for auditions, 1      up-tempo and 1 ballad, in legible condition.

Dancers - video or cd tape showing your dance and choreography skills.
     3 different songs and dance. Wear appropriate dance attire and bring appropriate dance shoes.

Actors - video or cd of your acting skills. Be prepared for improvisation. Recite something showing your tone,
     diction and pronunciation. We would appreciate it if you speak without slang or profanity please.
     Prepare a dramatic and comedic monologue no more than 2 minutes in length.

F A C T S ~ When we review and investigate your credentials we will consider signing you with Quiet Tip. IF, you are signed with Quiet Tip you are required to act as a professional at all times. You are to adhere to the guidelines within our agreement and notify us at all times when you are approached for meetings that Quiet Tip has not negotiated. Punctuality, not responding to emails and phone messages left; not keeping office stocked with adequate photos and updated resumes, monthly stamps, not following specific directions for auditions and ways to meet with casting directors, inappropriate behavior on set; not following up on feedback; promises made and never delivered; constant repeat explanations on basic information; not following directions and not using our contact information but used personal information are not acceptable. Talent not willing to change their attire and complaints from cd?s, agents, and producers will be put on probation and reprimanded in written format. One verbal warning and two written warnings prior to termination. In some cases, companies will not work with us if they have to deal with specific talent especially those blacklisted. Talent is responsible for headshots, resumes, hair care, hair colorings (wigs, etc.), grooming and etiquette needs, travel and hotel arrangements, phone calls, federal express packages, meals, gas are personally responsible and not provided by Quiet Tip. Please reread Owner's bio below for more information.

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